Catlin Seaview • Energy

Objective: Create a composite image of a petroleum refinery to appear as if it were underwater and surrounded by sea life, highlighting the impact on coral reefs that decisions made by energy companies have on our oceans and conversely how changes in the ocean's reefs will impact world markets. Process/Solution: Catlin Seaview made a library of undersea images available to us and hundreds of reef images were combed through to find suitable images to pair with the different areas of the composition. This composite used a great number of donor images to create the desired effect, but the art director was very clear about what they wanted. As each element was added it was roughly mocked up and approved before moving forward, each step building upon the last until the illusion was complete Techniques: compositing, retouching Acknowledgements: Agency: On Ideas Creative director: Chris Nott Art director: Lauren Soutar Photography: Stock

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