Catlin Seaview • Wall Street

Objective: Create a composite image of Wall Street that appears to be underwater surrounded by sea life, highlighting the impact on coral reefs that the decisions made by corporations have on our oceans and, conversely, how changes in the oceans will impact world markets. Process/Solution: The stock image of Wall Street was used as a starting point for this composite illustration. Catlin Seaview made a library of images available to us and hundreds of reef images were combed through to find suitable undersea images to pair with the different areas of the composition. The image canvas needed to be extended quite a bit on top so images of the neighboring buildings needed to be identified and found. Using Google maps, we were able to determine which high-rise buildings were being cut off and then armed with this information, suitable donor images were found to composite into the frame completing the missing tops of the buildings. The lower portion of the frame was filled in with sea floor and creatures to complete this illusion Techniques: research, compositing, retouching, illustration Acknowledgements: Agency: On Ideas Creative director: Chris Nott Art director: Lauren Soutar Photography: Stock

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