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Objective: Create a photo illustration of a young boy lifting an ocean wave to inspect what lies beneath it. Process/Solution: The boy was photographed in studio and composited in to the stock background. The beach was cleaned up and a new sky dropped in; similar donor images of wave action were used to create the magical wave. Techniques: Compositing, retouching, illustration Acknowledgements: Agency: Siddall Art director: Shari Hindman Photography: John Henley (landscape), Todd Wright (boy)

Photo of boy © 2012 Todd Wright
Photo of beach and sky © 2004 John Henley
Composite photo-illustration © 2012 Jeff Glotzl, John Henley and Todd Wright.
See how this image was created, watch the step by step video above. 
The video below is a roundtable discussion hosted by our local ASMP chapter where the art director Shari Hindman, John Henley (one of the two photographers) and myself discuss the planning and execution of this project.  
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